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A sonic landscape of conscious songs and "song healing”

These two gypsies met on a balmy Southeast Texas night at a retired brothel... The Last Concert Cafe. She was a down-on-her-luck opera singer, drowning her broken heart and luminous talent in too much tequila; he was a mysterious troubadour, quite sophisticated and yet consistently ill-behaved.

This meeting of hearts would not be the scene of their last concert, in fact just the opposite. Did we mention they met on Saint Patrick's' Day? Yes it's true, and as luck would have it... He intuited ("guessed") her sun sign (Leo), they have been making music ever since. 12 years, 2 children, and 7 moves later, involving Texas, California, Oregon and Virginia, they've created something special: music to awaken you to the beauty and healing power of your soul, a blend of dreamy and danceable synth pop, male and female lead vocals, new age ideology, and plant medicine.

They sing, they argue, they laugh, they cry, but all in all, they are out to awaken you to your divine power, your worth, the unlimited opportunity and possibility that is you... and awaken to their own as well. They set out on a road "to somewhere, somewhere they have never been, because burnin' at both ends" was wearing them down they had to go "a traveling."

Join Elizabeth & Chris as they fuse their musical talents in a truly unique and transcendent musical experience. "We aim to inspire you and rewire you in a mystical journey of sound, spoken word and song... Yes, welcome to the experience!"

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Chris Knudson: producer, songwriter, singer, instrumentalist

Chris Knudson has a passion for live and studio music, production and events with over 25 years of original music projects, producing and releasing records under the Kanude and Val Holler monikers. His music has been featured in HBO's "True Blood", ​as part of the original programming for the inaugural New York Fringe Festival in 1998, and on Robert Rodriguez'​ critically acclaimed, low-budget feature film debut "El Mariachi."​


Elizabeth Knudson: songwriter, singer

Elizabeth is a gifted vocalist, sound healer and intuitive/energy healer with a BFA from the University of Houston in vocal performance.  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master, and has taught over 5,000 students how to successfully align their energy with the power of sound and positive intention.

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