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LightBody Sound is an enterprise using sound and light therapy for stand-alone retail, partnerships with corporate wellness programs, spas, yoga studios, hotel and airports.  Modalities used and developed include vibroacoustic sound products ("hands-off massage"), traditional sound therapy instruments  (i.e. Himalayan and crystal singing bowls), and light energy technologies like LED light therapy to assist clients in achieving deep states of relaxation and wellness to promote our bodies' natural healing abilities.  

Our motto: "Take Your Body with You"

Chris Knudson, co-founder and principal

Chris Knudson is a wellness entrepreneur in retail sound and light therapy with over 25 years of content and business development, music composition, music production, live performance/presentation., event production, software sales, writing and editing, marketing and promotion.

He has been a top performer with the Apple Online Store, Guitar Center and Intuit while more recently developing a wellness business concept, LightBody Sound LLC in Portland, Oregon.

Chris has produced and released records under the Kanude and Val Holler monikers and his music has been featured in HBO's "True Blood", ​as part of the original programming for the inaugural New York Fringe Festival in 1998, and on Robert Rodriguez'​ critically acclaimed, low-budget feature film debut "El Mariachi."

Elizabeth Knudson, co-founder and principal

Elizabeth is a gifted vocal sound healer and intuitive/energy healer with a BFA from the University of Houston in vocal performance.  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master, and has taught over 5,000 students how to successfully align their energy with the power of sound and positive intention.

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